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Thank you for your interest in Bookmanager.

Please note that our current waitlist is closed until October 16th 2024 @ 12pm PST (3pm EST). At the time of reopening, the earliest install will be March 2025. 

As it stands now, our 2024 onboarding calendar is 100% full. 

All stores who signed up during the November 6-10th window have been emailed an invite to book a prelim call to go over the details of their potential onboarding with Bookmanager. If you HAVE NOT received an email from Carley Bortolin (our onboarding lead) please email her at and we will be in touch ASAP. 

So why the long wait? 

Bookmanager has seen a surge of interest in using our software and its integrated website over the last couple of years. We are, however, a small but growing team and take pride in providing quality and timely training and support. Our tried-and-true method of working with folks hands-on to get them up and running is our "secret sauce" for success.

What does this mean for you? We are grateful for the interest everyone has shown in Bookmanager, and we stand behind our product and our customer support. Rather than truncate or rush our onboarding process, we are staying the course to ensure new users are getting the same quality of support and attention as the hundreds of stores that came before them. This approach also allows us to maintain our usual support channels for existing users, so whether you have been using Bookmanager for two months or twenty years, someone here will always be available to help. We choose quality over quantity, a value that is bedrock to both Bookmanager and our users.

Thanks for understanding, and hopefully we can work together in the near future!