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Each month we send out two e-newsletters to keep our customers up to date on what is happening in our stores, and our communities.

Adult E-Newsletter

Our adult e-newsletter comes out around the beginning of each month and provides details about our author events, out of store events, and sales. We also include Staff Picks - books our staff have read and highly recommend, and the latest releases, as well as information about tickets for community events. Each newsletter also gives readers a chance to win a book in our monthly Great Book Giveaway.

Kids Club E-Newsletter

Each month we put together an e-newsletter just for kids. It features new and exciting children's books, sale news, fun book trailers, and information about local events for young readers.


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Newsletter Archive


June 2018
June 2018: Father's Day & Grad books, Staff Picks and more!
May 2018
May 2018: Mother's Day Books, Staff Picks, Tickets & More 
April 2018
April 2018: Spring Author Events, Ticket Info., Staff Picks and more!
March 2018
March 2018: New gardening books, New releases, Staff Picks and more!
February 2018
February 2018: Canada Reads 2018 Shortlist, Writing Workshop, New Releases, Staff Picks, Tickets
January 2018
January 2018: Our Favourite Books of 2017 
December 2017
December 2017: Beautiful books for Christmas, Staff Picks, Tickets, Stocking Stuffers & more!
November 2017
November 2017: November Author Events, Customer Appreciation Day, Cider Monday, Moonlight Madness, Staff Picks & Hot New Titles!
October 2017
October 2017: Author Events, Fabulous Fall Reading, Customer Appreciation Day, Cider Monday and more!
September 2017
September 2017: Author events, tickets, staff picks, new releases and more!
August 2017
August 2017: Sizzling summer reads, Author events, Staff picks and more!
July 2017
July 2017: A Celebration of Canadian Books, Summer Reading, Tickets & more
June 2017
June 2017: Father's Day & Grad, Staff Picks and much more
May 2017
May 2017: Mother's Day Books, Staff Picks & more
April 2017
April 2017: Author Event, Ticket Info., Staff Picks
March 2017
March 2017: Author Dinner Announcement, New Gardening Books, Staff Picks and more!
February 2017
January 2017
January 2017:Our Favourite Books of 2016
December 2016
December 2016: Beautiful books for Christmas, Staff Picks, Stocking Stuffers & Tickets
November 2016
November 2016: November Author Events, Customer Appreciation Day, Cider Monday, Staff Picks and more
October 2016
October 2016: Fabulous Fall Reading
September 2016
September 2016: Author Events, Store News & Staff Picks
August 2016
August 2016: Sizzling Summer Reads
July 2016
July 2016: Sizzling Summer reading, Sale News, Staff Picks & more
June 2016
June 2016: Father's Day & Grad Books, Staff Picks and more
April 2016
April 2016: Author readings, Ticket Information, Spring Staff Picks & New releases
March 2016

March 2016: Author Events, Staff Picks  & New Releases

February 2016

February 2016: Staff Picks, New Releases, Tickets

January 2016

January 2016: Our Favourite Books of 2015

December 2015

December 2015: Beautiful Books for Christmas, Staff Picks, Tickets, Stocking Stuffers

November 2015

November 2015: November Author Events, Customer Appreciation Day, New Website Announcement, Moonlight Madness

October 2015

October 2015: Author Reading, Fabulous Fall Reading, Customer Appreciation Day, Cider Monday & more!

September 2015

September 2015: Author Signing, Exciting Fall Titles, Staff Picks

August 2015

August 2015: Sizzling Summer Reads, Sale News & Staff Picks