News & Tips SPECIAL January 15, 2015
Vol #5 | Issue #2.5

Penguin Random House Integration AND BookManager
February 1st, 2015 ---------------------------------------------

To avoid delays in processing, it is critical that you continue to keep your ordering and payment to Penguin Canada and Random House of Canada SEPARATE, with business as usual, until the effective integration date of February 1st, 2015. Hopefully all of you received the "timeline" documentation (link here), but we have also received loads of questions about what this merger means for BookManager, so listen up folks!

1. Hold any Penguin returns until February 1st (the deadline for receipt of returns was January 16th - so you probably missed it, just like us @ Mosaic!)

2. Change your Random House returns address to:
6971 Columbus Road
Mississauga, ON L5T 1K1

(they have been accepting Random House returns at this address since January 1st, 2015).


3. Continue sending EDI Random House orders as normal. There will likely be no confirmations between January 30th and February 1st, as their system goes "offline" for the merger, but things will be caught up on Monday February 2nd.

4. Your last EDI order to Penguin's current EDI system must be sent before Friday January 23rd 4pm EST (maybe do it on the 22nd to avoid getting an order caught in no-man's land.)

On Friday January 30th...

5. Run a full BookManager BMcopy BACKUP (just in case you blow it when merging accounts), and GET A BOOKMANAGER UPDATE. (Michael made some tweaks in order to streamline the process of merging vendors, including moving electronic invoices & sales totals - so we rrrrrrrreally encourage you to update your BookManager.)

6. Search for Supplier code PRH. If you already have a supplier using that code, edit and change it to anything else.

7. Search for RAN (Random House) and edit the Supplier code to PRH (Penguin Random House). Global changes may take a few minutes to complete.


8. Search for PBC (Penguin) and edit the code to also be PRH. You will be warned that the accounts will be merged. Let it proceed.

On Monday February 2nd...

9. Go to Inventory, press comma, [F]ormat and search for the new PubStock code PRH and ensure you have it set as either a Yes or Favourite. Also look for RAN and PBC. [D]elete them if the DataSource says "No Data". Doing so will help clean up your PubStock preferences. Then press [Esc], to send your supplier code changes (with the related preferences) to your WebStore. If you have a BookManager WebStore, it is very (VERY) important that you do this!


Aaaaaand you're Done! RAN and PBC are now merged and known as PRH including all receiving invoices and history.

As of Monday, February 2nd, all Penguin and Random House books, orders, receiving, invoicing, payments, etc will be treated as one supplier. The Penguin returns you held back can be shipped either separately or combined. Future returns will be combined. You will likely have some Penguin inbound shipments arrive but they will be received using the PRH account.

The fine print: If you do not have an existing "legacy" Random House of Canada account number, but have an active Penguin Canada account, a new account number will be assigned to you. All questions regarding shipments or returns of Penguin and Random House titles should be addressed to Penguin Random House Canada customer service 1.888.523.9292.


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