Subject: BookManager Education Seminar in Kelowna? (please reply)
Date: 2/8/2015 9:42 AM

What's bookin' indies?

Would you like to get together in BookManager's home town of Kelowna, get educated, share experiences and explore a nice piece of Canada?

We are tossing about the idea of hosting a couple of education days this coming mid-June (12-13) that you could attend and expand into a mini pre-summer getaway in the wonderful Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. Perhaps a couple of days (Friday and Saturday) of BookManager related education and sharing experiences along with some social events during and after the work days. One thing most of us seem to be missing these days is some face-to-face time to talk turkey and make new industry friends.

We have an opportunity to offer some decent room rates on a local hotel (Capri) that's not too pricey ($130/night). The Kelowna airport connects with just about every major city in Canada (and US stops, too). They mow the grass runaway every Tuesday (just kidding). Westjet's current rates are Calgary $325, Toronto $700, Montreal $850, and Halifax $1050 to give you an idea. Outside of work there's wineries abound, golfing galore, a great downtown (and dinner plans at the new fancy yacht club, ho ho ho; bring your ascot and deck shoes). Then there's this 80 mile long lake that Michele and I are fortunate to have a home on right in town (luck is more like it). In years past we've hosted as many as 180 book people to our beachfront home. Kelowna is known for great summer weather; the only catch is that June is the tail end of our rainy season, so it can be a crap shoot. Hotels get very expensive later in the season, and besides most of you have summer fun plans at home or elsewhere.

Before we make ANY commitment we'd like to judge your interest in visiting. The BC book reps normally hold a book fair around the same time, and they might decide to hold the event in Kelowna as well (a book orgy, OMG). Reps and some publishers would be here on the Sunday through Tuesday (June 14-16).  Maybe we could rent a houseboat for an afternoon/evening.

So, before you think about it too much, please click Reply and drop us a word. We only have a few days from now to let the hotel know if it's a go. No commitment at this point, just an indication if you think this might work for you.  The rest can be planned shortly thereafter.


Michael and Michele Neill (and of course, the gang and family at BookManager and Mosaic Books)


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