Tip of the Week February 20, 2012
Volume: 2 | Issue: 8


Tip: Inventory Searching

You can narrow keyword searches you do in your local inventory as well as through TitleLink through the use of a ! wildcard symbol. For example, if you enter the word DOG as your keyword search, BookManager will automatically search for any word containing DOG, including DOG DOGS and DOGGED (in essence, we make it so that the $ wild card – which can be interpreted as “within”, is implied for all keyword searches.) This is to give you as wide a range of possible matches as possible. However, sometimes you want to limit the search results to only DOG (and not any other word containing DOG). In this case, you can enter in the ! after the keyword, to limit the matches to only entries that have DOG exactly (so you would type DOG! into the keyword search field.)

Another little known searching tip: after the first keyword, you can enter characters that match data in the Edition, Supplier code, Class, sub-class, Notes, Publisher, Title, Author (i.e. most inventory fields).   

Search for GRISHAM PB will find John Grisham titles but only PB editions. Note that PB! might be better because it will ignore any matches with PBANK or PBEL.

Search for CROCKER MAG will find titles containing CROCKER but likely only those in your MAGazine Class.

Tip: Heavens to Murgatroyd – you can copy and paste in BookManager??!

Oh heck yes!

Speaking on behalf of the lovely ladies in the TBM office, I can say that this is a function that we would ALL not be able to live without. And some of you word nerds may already know how to do, but for the rest of you – get on board & set this up – you won’t regret it!

Make sure you have quick edit mode enabled:

- Right click the grey bar of your BookManager window
- Select Properties
- Put a check beside the Quick Edit Mode, found under Edit Options

- Hit OK and when it asks where you want the properties applied – select Modify shortcut that started this window

- Hit OK again.

[And for good measure, Exit out of BookManager and reopen – I have seen where the properties do not “stick” for too long, however making this change, closing and re-opening always seems to work!]

Please note: You will need to do this on any and ALL [of course you want it done on all!] workstations you wish to copy and paste with BookManager.

Now for the ACTUAL copying part …

BookManager is a bit different from most Windows programs in that you do not get a dialog window after you right click to Copy and Paste. And for those of you who are used to using Ctrl + C [copy], Ctrl + V [paste!] or some other wizard-like shortcut key combo – those won’t work in BookManager either.

Say you want to copy an email address from your customer file, simply hold the left click down, and drag your mouse over top of the text you want selected. You will see it flashes a bit and looks like a highlighter gone wild - when you have the area you want copied, just right click once and the highlighted jazz disappears!

That has now copied the text. You can paste it anywhere your little heart desires – into a Word doc, Outlook, Excel, Google – wherever! You can use the standard keystrokes to paste outside of BookManager – so just right click and select paste, or simply just hitting Ctrl + V will do the trick!

Pasting text you have copied INTO BookManager …
Using either the above way to copy from Bkmngr, or the Windows route of right click copy, or just Ctrl + C, you are ready to paste the data somewhere in BookManager.
To do so, make sure you are in edit mode of the field you want to be in, and simply just right click once, and viola! All the text shoots right in!

“That was easy!”