Tip of the Week October 22, 2012
Volume: 2 | Issue: 42

Frequent Buy Program

Many of you called this week asking questions about the frequent buyer program and how to implement it in your own store. The program is 100% customizable from store to store, which makes it perfect for almost everyone. At Mosaic we've kept things simple...

Every dollar is worth 5 point, when those points add up to 1000, you get a 10 dollar credit. Our staff asks each customer as they come up to our cash register if they collect point with us. If they do, they give us their phone number (i.e. no cards) and ring through the sale like normal. Once a customer has reached the 1000 point credit they can choose to redeem their $10.00, or continue to save. At the bottom of each receipt it shows your customer how many points they have and at what amount they can redeem them. If a customer does not collect points, we get them the speel, and usually they hand over their phone number. We like the 5 point route because it is easy to explain that 5% of their sales are credited back to them, and once they spend $200 they get a $10 credit.

Here's how to set it up if you haven't already...

Go into Alt-Setup and t) Frequent Buyer Points and you will be met with this screen:

As you can see you can make the default point amount for each dollar spent as well as the amount of points that you must collect before redemption. We decided that once a customer does not shop in our store for 18 month, their points are removed. This routine happens at month-end automatically. A report can also be generated at anytime to show you all the amount of points out there.

We decided in our store that there were certain classes which should not receive the 5 points, as they were areas where we did not receive as high a profit margin (Magazines, Cards etc.). In these cases, we've gone into the F4 classes and edited the line of each classes and changed the Pnts (aka Points) column to be 1 point, instead of the default 5.

Our store Mosaic is currently in a construction zone, and will be for the next 2 years (yippee!... NOT), Michael wanted to see how it was effecting business so what he did was run a date range point of sale report found under 4) POS - M) Misc - Date-range POS subtotal report. He compared the sales from this September to last September and he was able to see and compare our walk-in traffic stats (i.e. those who do not collect points and default to a blank customer type) to our returning customers stats (i.e. those who collect points - 0 customer type). We then knew how to focus our attention, and what demographic to target with our marketing to get people downtown to shop.


Donating Frequent Buyer Points

What many stores also may not know is that you can setup donations of points from one customer to another. Years ago we had a very keen bookseller who had the great idea of having her customers donate their own points to their child's school or other organization. We thought it was a great idea (that's why it pays off to tell us your great ideas, we promise we really do make a note of them). See below how to setup donating points...

Once you have the Frequent Point Program enabled, go to a customer who is wanting to donate their points. Press Edit and using your down arrow, move to the FB field to the right of the fax field. Your customer should be set to Yes, edit this to Donate. You will then be prompted in the next field to type the account number (or you can type in the organization name and choose from a list) for the school or organization or even friend they wish to donate to. Once you press enter, you will be asked if you would like to add their existing points to that customer, you can choose Yes or No.