Tip of the Week September 2, 2012
Volume: 2 | Issue: 35

Mobile Site Now Up!
For the next couple of weeks, the focus of our weekly TIPS is going to be mainly about your online presence - specifically, what you can do with either your BookManager WebStore, or your own site. We figure now is a good time to talk about all this again as we gear up for the busy fall and holiday seasons.

As we let y'all know last week, we have finally developed a mobile version of the WebStore. This optimized view gives your customers/potential customers exactly what they need to see at a glance - where are you located, what are you hours and what is your phone number. Just to give you an idea, here is how the mobile version of Mosaic's WebStore looks on the iPhone. Neato huh?

We suggest you take a few minutes right now and look at your own WebStore on a smart phone, assuming you, or someone you know has one. How does it look? Are the hours right? Is the google map correct? Do the Facebook/Twitter links work? If you need to make any changes, or add anything, you can access this information on a regular browser on your actual WebStore. When you are logged in, click Contact Us, and make any necessary edits.


Google Places

We have been surfing the web for all of our bookstores over the past couple of weeks to find out how you are being found by your customers. What we found in many cases is that stores are not taking advantage of the free service Google is providing to business owners in their "Places" program. Yes, many of you are listed on the map, but almost 90% of you are not sharing your hours, providing information about your business nor uploading photos of your store. Providing this information not only gives your customers more information about you, it actually makes your listing appear higher in the list of Google matches.

Linking your store to your current Google account is easy. go here to start the process...

Once you've logged in, you will have the option to update a current listing (i.e. you have already linked your store to your google account) or add a business. You will be asked to choose your country and main telephone number. Make sure you are at the store when you click "find business information", as an automated Google call will come in just moments later asking you to verify some information. Once you have been setup, you can now get to the fun stuff like...

  • Providing your full address/contact information
  • Hours
  • Payment Options
  • Photos/Videos
  • Parking information

Above is an example of our own store's places information. Not only does our map, hours, and phone number pop up, but also a list of 6 of our most popular pages.

Have fun!