Tip of the Week August 27, 2012
Volume: 2 | Issue: 34

Summer housekeeping tip: Clean up your Supplier codes!

We currently have just over 130 publishers, distributors and vendors participating in PubStock - Yahooo! Enough bragging you are thinking, and get to the point. OK! Long story short, when a supplier joins PubStock, they have the ability to pick their own 3-4 digit code. Some make sense and others, well, don't - but it is what is, and those particular codes have kind of become the "Master" acronyms, so to speak. We have encouraged stores to adopt the same codes, as to keep things simple and avoid any confusion in the long run. Also, most importantly, if you have a WebStore with us - you MUST be using the same codes - otherwise the estimated prices displayed on your site are going to be super wonky crazy town.

Over the years we have come across some stores using vastly and sometimes even surprisingly radically different codes for the same vendor. Book people are the most creative aren't they? *smiley face* Some of you may be using RAND for Random House [RAN], PEAR for Penguin [PBC] or even FOUN for Foundation [FDI]
When you have a few minutes, pretty pretty please, take the time to change these codes to how they are set up in PubStock. It's actually a lot easier than you thought, the hardest part will probably just be getting used to the new codes. But we have faith in you - you can do it!

First, click this link this link to get a full listing of all current PubStock vendors. Bookmark this or keep it open as you trudge along and make the changes. Now go into your BookManager software, and into #3 Suppliers. Search for a vendor that you have different than our PubStock listing. Hit E to Edit, type in the new code and hit PageDown. Type Y for Yes when the red warning flag comes up at the bottom saying, "Supplier code changed. Do you want this code changed throughout BookManager?"

Now, depending on how quick your system is, this process could take a couple of minutes - it has to go through and make the changes in your General Ledger, Inventory, Returns, etc. But no big deal - go grab a coffee, or tea and by the time you come back, it will be done!