Tip of the Week August 20, 2012
Volume: 2 | Issue: 33

F3 What?! Summer housekeeping tip!

In the top left hand corner of your BookManager you may see something you've never noticed before - a notification of sorts, showing your current F3 Messaging count. Have a little looky loo over here - it's supposed to serve as a subtle, gentle nudge if you will, reminding you that there are some emails/faxes queued up to be sent. However, sigh, truth be told, we have seen quite a few stores with a quite a high number here - which may mean that y'all haven't noticed. [SAD FACE]

Take a moment or two when you have some down time and check out what's going on in there, simply by hitting F3. A really easy way to view what is still pending is to hit I to Index and then select Not Sent messages - you should now be looking at all your unsent emails and faxes. Keep in mind, some of these documents can be automatically generated when processing orders, or claims, etc - and you may have actually already printed these and manually sent them outside of BookManager. Just hit D to Delete any you don't need, or hit P to Print and select to either fax or email. Also, while we are talking about this area, may we suggest that you have a gander at your ALT & S h) Month end setup, and check out the last line which says Keep memos in F3 Messaging for _ months. The default setting is 6 months, so feel free to adjust that according to your preferences.