Tip of the Week August 13, 2012
Volume: 2 | Issue: 32

New WebStore Feature Alert!
Your customers have the ability update their contact information, and this includes changing their email address. When they are logged in at your WebStore all they have to do is click My Account, found in the top right login box area. They simply have to follow the steps provided to complete the process.

Check your email now, as you will be notified that one of your customers has requested to change their email address. The email will look something like the below image [minus the purple background of course!]:

You will need to go into #6 Customers, look up the customer and make the change. Please keep your eye out for emails from us, as you will want to make sure your customer contact info is always up-to-date. Sometimes our emails can land in your junk mail/spam folders - which is no good!

UGH what is this pesky message going on about? Part Deux
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Let's set the scene: It's Monday morning, so you've hit the snooze button too many times, and then proceeded to spill coffee all down your fresh white shirt, and gee whiz, as Murphy's law will have it, you can't find your Tide To Go pen! So after numerous wardrobe changes and then of course hitting every red light possible, you are sticking the keys in your store door with exactly 30 seconds to spare until opening. And yessum, there's indeed already a handful of people pacing outside, peering in the windows waiting to get their hands on the latest hottest book craze - so as soon as that " OPEN" sign lights up, a small mob has formed at your cash register and all you want to do is get into the POS so you can take the debit cards that are being waved in your face ... BUT this screen/message pops up:

As soon as you opened your BookManager, you pressed the #4 to get into your Point of Sale, so what in tarnations is this? What does it all mean?? Well folks, you and I both know that just by hitting ESCAPE, it will return you to the main menu, where you can once again type in the #4 to get to your POS - but time is money, so every extra second you take hitting buttons could result in one agitated customer. What you are seeing above is the Reports directory. Files such as cancelled orders, custom inventory reports, backroom stock needed, and inactive/deleted customers, could on any given day be sitting in this Reports directory - it all depends on what routines you have set up in your Scheduler. Some days it automatically pops up when you open your BookManager and that means some of these routines ran overnight and therefore certain reports have been updated that require your attention for printing. You will be brought to this area every time you first open your BM program until they are either deleted, or printed.

Note the options you have at the bottom left - AllPrint simply means print all the reports that are sitting in here, Delete will remove these files, Files provides a listing of all files/reports created in the past month, Print will print only the current report file you have highlighted and View will let you look at the file you have selected. The easiest thing to do is simply type in A for AllPrint - chances are you have created certain daily or weekly maintenance routines that run in your Scheduler for some specific purpose so you will want to review whatever information has been updated. Things such as cancelled special orders, or A/R Credit Holds, and even Backroom stock needed on the floor - this information is all valuable and probably requires your attention, so you may as well print 'em! As soon as you do print, you'll notice that the files above will change from having .txt to .bak extensions - which means you will no longer be prompted to print these reports and they have been backed up. Of course it's up to you - no one is forcing you to Print anything, so if you choose to View the files and then Delete after, that is totally acceptable too! Just know that this screen will pop up when you first open your BookManager until the files have been printed/or deleted.