Tip of the Week July 30, 2012
Volume: 2 | Issue: 30

UGH, What is this pesky warning message going on about?

Look familiar? Well my friends, let's talk about it!
This is BookManager trying to be helpful by letting you know that your BackUp routine has not run in a of couple days, and to do something about it! We always like to ensure that you have the most recent data stored, in the unfortunate event of a crash, computer failure or any other apocalyptic event. You can either say Yes or No, but the message will keep coming up until you either run the routine from your Scheduler, or from the Data Transfer/BackUp screen. Once a new backup.zip file is created, that message will stop popping up. Sooooo, let's deal with it, so that stops happening, shall we?

From the main menu, go into your Scheduler and look for the routine that says "Backup BookManager (options:abcde)" and simply hit S to Start it and Yes.

You can also run this from the Data Transfer menu, which you can access by hitting D at the Main Menu of your program and then just hit Enter on the first option " B) BookManager Backup." If you simply want to create a new backup.zip file to prevent the message from coming up again until your routines run overnight, simple type in A and hit Enter.

Depending on the size of your network, and the power of the machines you are running, this routine can take anywhere from a minute, to 15 or so. Just let it run, and walk away - grab a coffee or doughnut [mmmm, doughnuts!]

Either of these options work, but we do suggest that you just run the routine from your Scheduler, as it will properly/thoroughly run through ALL of the BackUp preferences you have put in place - this is recommended as, if the message is popping up to being with, its an indication that at least one, if not all of your local BackUps are outdated.

There's a reason our motto around the office is, "No BackUp - No Job!" ...

Browsing the POS file

There are many times when you may need to search the POS file by specific parameters. Perhaps you have a variance in an end-of-day tape, and you’d like to search the POS transactions for a specific dollar amount in a particular day. You may also want to search only specific types of transactions (helds or online orders), or get a detailed listing of all the POS transactions done with a specific customer.

Pressing <S>earch in the POS area will bring up the available search parameters. The first field is the Section field, where you can search for <H>elds, <C>urrent transactions, <L>ocked transactions, or <O>nline transactions, with or without specific filters. If you are accepting online orders from your WebStore, you will likely use the <O>nline search often to quickly find and isolate the unedited online orders (i.e. those that you still need to deal with.)

A word about locking transactions: When a transaction is locked, no changes can be made until the transaction is unlocked. This is a useful feature for letting staff know that this particular transaction is not to be touched. Many times in our bookstore we will lock an online order held transaction until it has been fully dealt with (say, we need to do some research on a title or we want pre-payment before we process a special order.) The staff know not to edit or delete these transactions because something special is going on with them. New online orders come in with a “New Online” lock on them. This “lock” is what flags the online order indicator at the top left of your BookManager screen. If the held requires no editing, you can press <L>ock to remove the “New Online” flag. (The “New Online” flag will automatically be removed if the Held is edited and changes made to it.)

Let’s pretend that your debit totals are out $25.19. You want to try to figure out where the problem is and potentially fix the error. A useful search is the Date / Filter search. You could search by date and enter in a specific amount or tender type to get a filtered list of POS transactions starting from the date you specify. In this example, we searched for 07/01/12 with a filter of 25.19 and got these results:

If you couldn’t find the issue in a date and filter search, you might search the Section field for Helds, then use the same 25.19 filter. Perhaps the total was rung through the debit machine but left as a Held in BookManager. This is a common mistake in our store.

Similarly, you can get filtered lists of POS transactions by ISBN (so transactions containing a specific item) or customer.

If you want to get into the Browse mode of POS transactions, you can do so anytime by pressing the pagedown key from the POS file. All the search parameters are available here as well. Choosing to <P>rint in this mode will enable you to generate a Held Transaction report with optional filtering by customer type or ISBN, and sorting options by customer name, store, title, or date.