Tip of the Week July 16, 2012
Volume: 2 | Issue: 28

Emailing Special Order Notifications in BookManager

Heads up People: This is a HUUUUUUUGE time saving tip!!!

Calling your special order customers to tell them their book has arrived can take up a big chunk of your day. Our staff have started to ask our customers, at the time of their special order, if they would like to receive a notification via phone or email. An astounding number of people have jumped on the email notification bandwagon. This way they get the notification either before they've left work, or while out and about on their smart phone, and they can pick up their book before they are home for the night.

Our staff also LOVE this feature because they can rip through a batch of special orders in a fraction of the time (which is great at super busy times of year).

We've made it pretty darn easy for you to start emailing notifications today in your store, with no additional setup (unless you want to get a little fancy). That's right you heard me... NO EXTRA WORK!

The first step is to find a customer who has something on hold (For these purposes, you may want to use your own account so you can see what type of information will be sent to your customer). Press P to print. The print dialog box will open with the cursor in the first option (likely defaulting to Proforma), choose N for notice.

If the customers email address is stored in your system, it should be displayed in the last field on the same line. If there is no email address visible, you may type it into this field (a notice will pop up when you press Page Down asking if you would like to save this email address to the account from this point onward)

Once you press Page Down, your job is done... see what we mean, SO EASY!

The email the customer receives should look something similar to:

Every store is a little bit different in terms of how long you will hold the book, your hours, and any other unique policy, so we do have a way for you to edit this notice to add a little personality.

To edit your notice, hit the F3 key(This is another one of our "anytime" commands.) Type I to Index and arrow down to Forms and hit Enter. Look for the subject that says "POS Notice" - simply hit ALT & E to begin editing the text of the note. Please do not edit any of the text that is found within the funny brackets and characters - it must remain this way in order to function. You can however, change any of the other text found in here. Practice sending yourself the modified POS Notice to see how it looks in your email program (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc). Once you're satisfied with the changes you have made, simply save and you're done!

Now that you have all this extra time, who is ducking out of work a little early to hit the beach???... ya, us neither :)

General Computer Tip - station names and numbers

We had a few stores lose their "server" computers last week - for whatever reason, old age or just laziness perhaps, the hard drives just gave up and said "see ya later!" Luckily, these stores had excellent backup routines and therefore, we were able to rebuild their systems with super current data. SO, LET THIS SERVE AS ANOTHER FRIENDLY REMINDER TO MAINTAIN REGULAR BACKUP ROUTINES! [subtle hint, huh?]

Anyway, one thing that we notice when helping stores set their servers, workstations, and even printers back up, is that it's never really clear what station is where, and which station number is which. So, this is a simple and easy tip that we suggest ALL of you to take the time to do as we can guarantee it will come in handy, sooner or later. And before you ask, NO, the size of your store "network" doesn't really matter - if you have more than 2-3 stations, it's worth it!

The tip is this: take a post-it note, or perhaps some extra laser/thermal book labels and put the "ID" of each computer on either the monitor, or tower! Having this information in the same place on each station running BookManager will come in handy one day, trust us! If any of you have been on the phone with us as we make you run up and down and all around your store trying to locate "frontdeskcomputer1" or workstation #5, you will appreciate this one-time exercise!

But how do I know what the name of my computer is? you may be wondering - well, puzzle no more good friends! Hit the letter R and the Windows Key [found on the bottom left of your keyboard right near the CTRL and ALT keys] at the same time. A run dialog box should pop up - simply type in sysdm.cpl and hit OK!

This should load a System Properties box, with the Computer Name tab showing by default. The name of the computer will be shown next to the "Full Computer Name" field. Make a note of this!

And how do I know what my BookManager station number is? Look at the top right hand corner of your BM window - beside the date and the time, there should be a station number. Make a note of this #, young grasshopper.

Now, take a thermal or laser book label - heck, even a post-it note will do for these purposes - and write down the two bits of information you learned about this computer: first, what the actual computer name is and second, what the BookManager station number is. Now, stick that bad boy somewhere accessible, say the monitor or the tower.

Viola! You now have made your life easier down the road! The future YOU will thank you!

Your work here is done, call it day! OR wait actually, you will need to go around and quickly do those same steps on your other workstations - but its no sweat, because you're an old pro now!