Tip of the Week June 11, 2012
Volume: 2 | Issue: 23

TIME-SAVING TIP! And one where we sound like a broken record!
This is not something new per se, but it should be mentioned AGAIN, as we have come across several stores in the last few weeks who DID NOT have this feature enabled. If you have a TitleLink subscription, check your ALT & S setup - General, option “m) Automatically check TitleLink for new ISBNs” should be set to YES.

[And if you DON’T have a TitleLink subscription – let’s talk about why not! Give us a call, shoot us an email, and let’s discuss the countless benefits!]

In the simplest of terms, this means that ALL NEW INVENTORY items will be filled with data from our TitleLink database – Sorry about the all caps there, but we are just REALLY STOKED on this feature.

Say you’ve just finished making a big ol’ forthcoming order on your WebStore – did you know that the process to import all of that biblio information into your software is as easy as hitting “Submit Order”? If your answer is no, this means that you are probably spending more time than you need to, kicking it old school and hitting <PgUp> in the Title field to insert TitleLink data.

Even lightning fast data entry ninjas jumped for joy when this was released, as who doesn’t want to let the computer do all the work for them? This feature is also very useful when doing electronic receiving that contains ISBNs new to your Inventory file. Think about ALL the time spent on the receiving end to key in bibliographic data for titles – well turn this function ON and shift your time to somewhere else more deserved.

Note: The General setup screen has another option to set the preferred method of obtaining TitleLink Data (WebLink or BMTools). BMTools is the preferred setting as it is usually faster and more reliable. However, some systems that have aggressive virus protection may find that BMTools takes a while (e.g. two seconds or longer) to complete a request. When properly configured, BMTools (used to print POS receipts and do TitleLink lookups) should be nearly instant. Please contact us if your system is slow to respond in these areas.


You can import your orders from Above The Treeline/Edelweiss into your BookManager software!

Last week we helped a store take advantage of this newly added import order file-to-cart feature, and it worked great! Mind you, depending on your comfort level, the whole process of creating this file to export from their site, and then import it into your BookManager WebStore, can admittedly be a wee bit “clunky” – but it does the trick and gets your order into your BM software!

After you build and send the order from Edelweiss, there is a “Download to” option where you can create the file for export to your BM WebStore. It has || delimiters, as seen in the above image, as well as other fields that are not needed for import into your BookManager cart – so you will quickly need to open Excel and format the file. This is easy enough and means just stripping the file so it only has the two columns – QTY and ISBN.

Your file should look like this after:

Once you have cleaned the file up, save it and start the import by accessing your WebStore cart, and then clicking the Import text/excel button.

The rest of this process is fairly straightforward and has been covered in a previous tip. If you need a refresher, here is the link https://bookmanager.com/tbm/?q=h.tbmnews&filt_id=2509

However, we must also add, if you are doing this process that means that you have a WebStore and why don’t you cut out all the extra steps and just make your orders on your own site? ;)

If you aren’t sure how any of that works and perhaps need some guidance and hand-holding, please give us a call here - we would love to get you up and running and make you feel more comfortable on your site!