Tip of the Week January 16, 2012
Volume: 2 | Issue: 3

News - We're on Twitter!

We are getting really good feedback on these weekly tips, so we must give a big shout out/thanks to you all for reading and letting us know that our efforts are appreciated!

Also, we are excited to announce we have [finally] jumped on the bandwagon and created a BookManager Twitter - follow us if you are on there and we will follow back for sure! If you aren't on Twitter, we suggest you bookmark it anyways, as this will be a quick resource to check for any tips, software/web updates, industry news, bug fixes or just general book buzz!

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Tip: Month End Settings

Some stores call and ask us why there appears to be no receiving history for certain [OLD] ISBN'S or why the sales data seems to have disappeared for a particular customer.

You may think it's odd that you have an item in stock, yet no history is available! How is that possible you may wonder?

Well, this is a direct result of your Month End settings, which can be found in ALT & Setup options. A good handful of you may not even know that this area exists - well by golly it does and we suggest you take a minute or two and have a careful look at what your current settings are! As you know, Month End maintenance runs through and does a whole lot of stuff in the back end - one big function includes looking at your settings here and removing any "old" data. The default for most settings are 12 months and some can be kept at the minimum, like memos or imported TitleBank files. But for the other areas, we do suggest you have a gander and tweak to your preference. To give you an idea what Mosaic Books does, we have have set pretty much everything at 48 months - which gives us 4 years of data to work with. So take a minute and set your preferences here and these changes you make will take effect at the next month end.

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Tip: Store Stock Sharing

Have you ever been asked for a book from a customer and its one that you don't have in stock, or will take a loooooooooooooong time to get in? Have you wondered if perhaps there is another fellow friendly BookManager user in your area who would sell the book to you, just so that you don't have to call the local Chapters or Costco and send your customer away? Well guess what folks - this is possible!

This Store Stock Sharing is a feature that several bookstores had requested and since we like to put big smiles on the face of BookManager users, we enabled it [back in October 2010!] If you are a WebStore user, go to your site and make sure you are logged in with the store credentials. Select Store Stock Sharing from the main Setup menu.
These settings allow you to share your stock information with other booksellers that send inventory data to BookManager. These settings will also restrict what you can see. Stores cannot see your information unless they have allowed you to see theirs. Only the stores that have enabled sharing will be able to see your information. You have the ability to exclude sharing with selected stores, or you can choose to share only with particular stores. Also, if you are uncomfortable with disclosing your actual levels of stock or your retail price, you can limit what others will see. 

Once your sharing is enabled, you will quickly be able to see whether or not another store has the title, simply by hitting the Web feature to launch an online view of the title. Click the PubStock button and then Stores.

Stores that appear in grey are not currently sharing information with you (or perhaps everyone, or they are only sharing with a few select stores).

Note: If you have the "Share with everyone" filter rule selected, the check boxes beside each store do not affect anything. They are just there in case you later select a different filter rule.

Just to give you an idea of how Mosaic Books shares, see the image below:

NOTE: When you change a sharing option you must wait one hour before making further changes. This is done to deter booksellers from temporarily enabling sharing their data, which would defeat the purpose of sharing data.

The success of this feature depends on how many of us participate. We are therefore encouraging everyone to take a moment now and enable the feature so that it can be properly evaluated by you and the other 241 BookManager indies that send daily inventory feeds to their site.