Tip of the Week October 1, 2012
Volume: 2 | Issue: 39

Computer TIP reminders

We feel these are just absolutely invaluable, so we are gonna play the broken record card this week, and re-visit a couple "old" tips.

Label your computers with what their BookManager station number is, as well as what your computer name actually is. This comes in handy when setting up things like shared printers, or mapping drives, etc. So, please take a couple minutes and follow these instructions. Trust us, your future self will give you a super enthusiastic high five.

Tidy up under your desk and organize those cables! We have some OCD members on staff here at TBM who literally label every plug in our staff room, as well as "technology" room - at first I thought this was a little over the top, until that day came when I was staring at a jumble of cords under my own desk, muttering not so quietly to myself, wondering which was which. So, we urge you, ever so kindly, to take a couple minutes, read this, and then label the cords for all the business you have plugged into each computer.

Setting Up Wholesale and Educational Accounts

Did you know that if you are selling to schools or non-profit organizations you may setup a wholesale account with your suppliers to receive a deeper discount? A handful of our stores have contacted us in the past looking for information about how to do so, and have since had a lot of success. Here are a couple things to think about...

1) SAN Number: You will need a secondary SAN number to start the process (click here for the application form). Once you receive this SAN number, give us a call and we will assist you in setting up the various areas that will need this new number.

2) Electronic Ordering: You can place all of your wholesale orders electronically, as long as you have a secondary SAN number. Setup is simple and does not require additional username and passwords from PubNet. Please give us a call to set this up.

3) Ask Your Vendors: Call each of your vendors and let them know what you plan on doing. They will then be able to let you know what types of percentages they can offer.

4) Reporting: In some cases you may be asked to provide concrete details to support your wholesale account. There are many reports we can help you create based on the criteria asked for. Just let us know when the time comes.

If you currently have a wholesale account and you have any tips for your peers, please let us know by replying to this email.


If you have purchased a custom domain name and you want to use that to point to your BookManager WebStore, please give us a call and let us know what it is. We will need to link it up to your site on our back end, and you will also need to link it up on your end. Our IP address is So, you must either tell the people who you registered your domain with, or if you have the login abilities, you will need to add our IP address to the DNS forwarding / target IP field, usually called the "A" field on some domain service providers. Essentially, when this is all set up successfully, you should be able to simply type in your domain and land at your BookManager site. You can quickly test this out by opening up a browser on your computer, and type in your domain, right in the address bar - example: happybooks.com (not a real domain) - and this should take you directly to your BookManager-hosted WebStore. And on your phone, if you open a browser as well, and type in your domain right in the address bar, it should take you to the recently launched mobile version of your site. Try this now, and if it doesn't work, either on your computer, or on your smartphone, something is broken. If you are struggling and this all sounds like gibberish, please contact us and we can help you!