Tip of the Week September 17, 2012
Volume: 2 | Issue: 37

2 Last Areas to Check Out on Your Own Website
(aka the 2nd to last tip about your website)

In our search to find out how all of our stores are found, and searched for on the web, we found 2 very surprising things...

  1. Many stores have old events and/or old information on their site (their main site, not their BookManager WebStore). Stores were advertising bookstore events, and author signing from 2011 and older. Your website is often the first experience a new customer will have with your store, having outdated data may make them not visit your physical store because they believe your stock will be old as well.

    The Fix: Taking some time to visit your site, and venture to all of the pages and links that you share is essential to make sure you are putting your best foot forward. Having content that is fresh will entice your cusomers to check out your site more often and visit your physical location too.
  2. Most of our stores have a main website as their landing page and then have a link to their BookManager hosted online store which is awesome. In many cases however, we found the link hard to find and sometimes even non existant. When looking further we found so many of you had spent a bunch of time setting up your BookManager WebStore, which no one would ever see (unless they knew the exact link which is unlikely).

    The Fix: Have fresh eyes, perhaps a new staff member or one of your friends, navigate your site can be a real eye opener. Ask them to find certian things about your store (hours, phone number, where to online shop). This is a trick we do around our store when experiementing with a new concept for the site, fresh eyes always see things differently and allow you to find out where your customers may get stuck.