Tip of the Week August 7, 2012
Volume: 2 | Issue: 31

Are you tired of forwarding our weekly emails to your staff? Do you want them to receive these nuggets of knowledge directly in their own inbox? Well friends, here is how.

We have covered WebStore Permissions before, so click on that link for full scoop! For any staff that wants to receive these emails, they need to have an account created at your WebStore [www.bookmanager.com/YOURSAN]. To do this, they need to go to your site and click the "I'm New" button right in the login box at the top right of the page.

They will be redirected a page where they must enter in their email address and hit "GO". Now, depending on your own WebStore set-up, your staff member may first receive a verification email confirming they want to create an account [TIP: Check the Junk Mail/Spam folder in case you don't see it right away in the inbox!] - or, if you haven't enabled that feature on your site, they will be taken to a page where they can start creating their account right away!

Once their account is created, you can log in to your site using the store's master log in and password [SAN and password.] Under the Setup tab, click Permissions. Click to Add Employee and you will notice the page dims a bit and goes grey - a box will come into focus where you have to enter in the employee's email address and click Add.

You should now see the employee's name on the left hand side - click it. All of the permissions on the right hand side should have no check marks in the boxes. [Again, if you need guidance on setting up other Permissions, please click here to read how.] To enable this employee to receive the weekly tips emails & sales comparisons from us, you must put a check mark in the box that says "email_sales." And you're done! [If you want the employee to be able to view the Sales Comparisons, you must also enable the "confidential" permission.]

To double check however that everything worked, log out of your site, and have the employee log in with the account they just created. Have them click in the login box where it says For: Your Store Name - and then a smaller box will pop up to the left prompting you to switch organizations - basically, this is where you can link an employees account with the store. They will have to click your store name.

Once they do that, the page will sorta reload/adjust itself to provide more menu options. They should also notice in the top right login area now has their name, and also your store name. Now, from the Reports menu, click Sales Comparisons.

At the bottom of this page, your employee should see a box checked, with their email beside it & the following text.

If you have any problems at all, or any questions, give us a call and we can go over it together!

Look familiar? Dust and all? It's a beauty ain't it?

We have at least four of these kicking around our office up here at TBM HQ, but of course we have the desk space for relics like this. But the limitations within a bookstore environment, at a cash desk, etc most likely wont allow for it. Well, didya know that BookManager has a built-in calculator? "SAAAAAY WHAAAT - WELL GIDDYUP" you are thinking. That is just another one our fancy smancy F-anytime command functions.

As you know, 99% of your BookManager use is mouse-free, and that makes things a lot more efficient when jumping around to different areas and multi-tasking like the super pros that you are. Sooooo having the ability to quickly use a calculator with just one keystroke will make your life that much better, in a million different ways. Think about the times when you need to tally something up real quick for a customer, or add up two taxes in receiving - just hit F7 and you are a math wizard.

Note : The < character you see denotes the use of the Shift key in combination with the letter shown. Shift and C will clear the whole thing, whereas Shift and E, will simply just clear the last entry you typed. You can also position the calculator window by hitting Shift and M and then using your arrow keys. And finally, hitting the Esc key will close the calculator altogether.

And if you really wanna blow minds, hit the F7 key again - WHOA. Cool right? That function alone is a receiver's dream. You simply put in the supplier code and bammo! It does the exchange calculations for you! Our staff will use this when quickly trying to get a price quote for a book we may need to special order from America, or anywhere outside of Canada. Play around with it, trust us - this is one of BookManager's best tools. Happy calculating!