Tip of the Week July 23, 2012
Volume: 2 | Issue: 29

You Can Email Almost EVERYWHERE in Your BookManager Software

This week we received plenty of phone calls from you keen booksellers regarding emailing notices. Looks like that tip we wrote was HOT HOT HOT! So continuing on that train, we just want to let you know/remind you that you can also email from elsewhere in BookManager. Pretty much anywhere that you hit P to Print, you will have the option to Email.

A few key examples/scenarios:
A customer calls up and wonders what books they have purchased/or ordered between a certain time period. Simply go into #6, look up that customer and hit P to Print. One of the first two options will be what you are looking for: Print this customer's active orders, or Print this customer's sales for a period. Hit ENTER and select your preferences depending on which option you pick.

You will now see either some sales activity, or order history.

Again, just hit P to Print to get more options. You will see that you have the option to Email.

Say your accountant wants to see some of your month-end inventory reports that automatically print out - well, with a few keystrokes you can email it right to them! Go into #0 for Reports, select 2) Inventory Reports and arrow down to your desired choice - hit ENTER.

By default, you should be viewing the most recently updated report. Again, simply hit P to Print and you will have that email option. Also, the above instructions will apply to a variety of reports, including custom inventory ones as well!

NOTE: The only "inventory" report that doesn't provide an email option is: a) Inventory stats (activity by month)

Perhaps you have built a special "promo" catalogue order that your rep has asked you specifically, to email directly to them. So instead of sending this order your normal way, say electronically, they want it emailed. Find the order in #8 Order Processing, and hit E to Edit. Hit the ENTER key until you get to the SndVia field, and type in E for Email and hit Page Down to save the changes.

You are simply changing the method of sending just this one order, so don't fret, as this will not permanently change the way you deal with this vendor. Now you will just hit P to Process and hit ENTER on Send this order by Email, and set your preferences here [backorders, cancel date, etc.] Of course after I say all this, you must make sure that you have entered in your rep's email address in their #3 Supplier file.

So you want to email invoices/receipts AS you process and print! This is easy my good friends. When you get to the tendering screen in #4 Point-Of-Sale, and hit Page Down to finalize the transaction, keep hitting ENTER to get to a second line of printing options. You can type E for Email and it will pull the address found in the customer card.

Again, these are just a few of the MANY options you have for emailing - essentially anywhere that you can print, you can also email. Here at TBM and at Mosaic Books, we use the feature like gangbusters, and hopefully now you will too!

More Emailing Tips For Your WebStore

More email madness! Sooooo, carrying on with our theme, we figured it was worth mentioning again that you also have the ability to email from your WebStores we well. This is information that you can pass along to your customers too, as the option to email lists works essentially the same way for them.

Lists I Created: This option is perfect for when you want to share more than just one title - it also comes in handy for when you have say, built up a promotional/sale list that you have featured and you want to email some customers about it. When you are viewing lists you created, you will have an Email button over on the right.

You do indeed have the option to send to multiple email addresses, but make sure to separate each one with a comma.

And this is how it will appear as an email! Success!

Emailing a title : This is a pretty great feature, one that even our buyer uses lots! Often when she's browsing around, she will see a title that she knows so-and-so on staff will do a happy happy joy joy dance when they hear about it - so she quickly forwards the title info their way. When you are viewing the complete biblio information/description for a book, just hit Email title and your options will pop down.

Emailing your "cart" [customer-only option, sorry stores!] - Some customers like to email their contents of their cart, before they submit, perhaps to forward to their head office, or just simply to have a record of it. So this information is for you, to pass along to your customers, if and when they do ever ask for this function - now you know it's possible!

The customer will have to be on their cart page, viewing the contents of their pending order. At the bottom of the screen, right next to the Proceed to checkout, there is a Email as a list button. Once they click that, and enter in the email address and hit Send, a new page will load, letting them know it was sent. That was easy, folks!