Tip of the Week July 9, 2012
Volume: 2 | Issue: 27

WHOOOOOOPS! Did you accidentally receive an invoice under the wrong supplier? Or perhaps you typed in the wrong invoice number? Well don't fret, there are ways to fix both of these boo-boos!

First situation = incorrect supplier: Go into #7 Accounts Payable and type S for Search, arrow up and type in the code of the vendor you wish to work on. Once you are viewing the various transactions listed, you can scroll through to find the invoice, or a quicker way would be to hit S for Search again, and type in the invoice number in the bottom field. Simply type T for Transfer and you will see a few options pop up.

Select the second option, "b) Transfer the invoice AND goods received to another supplier" and type in the code of the supplier the invoice was supposed to be received under.

"THAT WAS EASY" - right?

Second situation = incorrect invoice number: There are two ways to correct this - the first is if you catch this error while you are still in the #9 Receiving invoice. Simply hit X for Xtra and a list of options appears - hit ENTER on "c) Change (correct) the invoice number and/or invoice date."

Your cursor will now pop up to the invoice number field so you can type in the correct information and VIOLA, you're done!

The second way to correct the invoice number is for that time when say, you're going to pay the vendor and you can't find the invoice in your AP because, well, it was entered wrong! No need for a sad face, this is a quick fix! Find the invoice in your #7 Accounts Payable and type E to Edit, arrow down to the Inv# field and type in the correct information. Once you're done, just hit Page Down to save your changes. Easy peasy!

Fun times right? Not many mistakes are permanent in the ol' BookManager!