Tip of the Week December 12, 2011
Volume: 1 | Issue: 1

News: Sell your Gift Cards on your WebStore + a few visual changes

Did you get our exciting e-mail last week about offering your Gift Cards for purchase on your WebStore? Now’s the time to enable this new feature!

Not only will we walk you through the short setup, we are also offering a free gift card design/image for your site to help promote your gift card online sales. For more information, click here. (At our sister bookstore the online Gift Card orders have already started coming in – including one from Australia!)

You’ll also notice a few new visual changes to your WebStore. We’ve made the search field larger with more obvious search criteria as well as adding a larger Go button. We’ve moved the cart function from the login area (which was confusing some of your customers) to the top left, beside the search area, making it larger, more beautiful, and easier to find. We have also added a "checkout now" button which pops up when your customer adds something to their cart, which then easily prompts them to the next step. More fun changes are coming over the next few weeks too, so keep your eyes peeled.

Don’t have a WebStore with us, but want to know more about it? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call – we’d be happy to discuss how a BookManager WebStore can help you increase customer sales and order more effectively for your store. We’ve recently rolled out online payment options and better book searching abilities that make it easier than ever for your customers to order online with you.

Tip: Emailing from BookManager!

Did you know you can email your customers copies of invoices? Not only that, but you can also send them online order notices (amongst loads of other things)?? Well you can, and we will tell you how!

First you must make sure you have emailing enabled in your BookManager software. Check your <Alt> & Setup, L)Email setup screen and ensure that you have information entered in here. If it's blank, you will have to enter in your email server and address - feel free to give us a call and we get get you hooked up in a jiffy!

So let's say your Uncle Buck places an order on your WebStore. The book has arrived, so now you want to send an email to let him know he can hop in his Cadillac and pick it up! Locate the Held transaction in the POS, and without Editing it, simply hit P to Print. You will see the usual printing options, but also one that says Notice. Type in N and it defaults to Email, and assuming you have their address in their customer file, it should automatically pop in the last field. You can also type in an email address on the fly here - it will ask if you want to update the customer file and just hit Yes or No for your preference. Once you hit Enter, you will see you have 4 different options for how you want to handle the email - simply select your preference. Selecting Edit, Send and Save will come in handy for those situations where you may want to attach a personal note to the default POS notice that is generated.

The steps taken here to send the notice to the customer work much the same way when wanting to submit a copy of an invoice to a customer, and even a statement. Many of the Print Screens will bring you to a print preview of sorts, where you are given various options - print to file, excel and email. This is true in many areas of BM and comes in handy - especially with reports, where say, your accountant is looking for some month-end inventory figures. The days of printing out a 20-page report, scanning and faxing are over! Simply hit P to print and discover what your options are.

You also have the ability to tweak/personalize the current POS notice that is sent to your online customers. Access the Messaging area by hitting F3 (This is another one of our "anytime" commands.) Hit I to Index and arrow down to Forms and hit Enter. Look for the subject that says "POS Notice" - simply hit ALT & E to begin editing the text of the note. Please do not edit any of the text that is found within the funny brackets and characters - it must remain this way in order to function. You can however, change any of the other text found in here. Perhaps you want to add your WebStore address, hours, etc - feel free to customize to your hearts content. Practice sending yourself the modified POS Notice to see how it looks in your email program (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc). Once you're satisfied with the changes you have made, simply save and you're done!

Of course, if you need help with any of this, as always, please do not hesitate to give us a call and we can work on it together!

Happy emailing!

Tip: Another quick tip of the week... Negative Onhands

Are you constantly dealing with negative on hands for items that you sell but don't receive? Perhaps you are selling something like a service that does not involve a physical product that you would normally receive to keep track of the number of copies in stock. Or, you may sell newspapers but don't bother to receive them. 

If you place two ^^ (shift 6 twice) into the first two spaces of the Inventory Notes field, BookManager recognizes this when a sale occurs and it does not reduce the On Hand quantity it it's zero (or reaches zero). Otherwise, it will change onhand to -1, -2 and so on.

You can clean up any of these negative items by adjusting the quanity to zero then putting the ^^ in the note field of the inventory card.