1. Used books are not returnable. However, you may resell them on consignment in our used book room.
2. Please retain your receipt for all returns of new books.
3. Books must be in pristine condition. Bundled texts must be in the original shrink wrap to be returnable.
4. In order to cover the cost of processing returns, a restocking fee will be assessed on all returns (minimum of $5.00, and up to 10%).
5. Exception: If you drop a class before add/drop date, we will not charge a restocking fee. It is necessary to have your original receipt and your new schedule from the registrar, showing that you have dropped the class.
6. College Textbooks: are returnable until add/drop date. After add/drop date, we CANNOT ACCEPT RETURNS. Exception: if you drop a class after add/drop date, we will base your textbook refund on the same percentage as your tuition refund.
7. Seminary Textbooks: are returnable until 9:00 a.m. of the first day of class.