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Midnight Train to Prague
Carol Windley
Paperback | Apr 2020
sold out $24.99
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The Family Upstairs
Lisa Jewell
Paperback | Nov 2019
in store $24.99
Anne Enright
Hardcover | Mar 2020
not in store $29.95
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The Queen's Secret
Karen Harper
Paperback | May 2020
in store $23.99
When We Were Vikings
Andrew David MacDonald
Paperback | Jan 2020
in store $24.99
If I Couldn't Be Anne
Kallie George
Hardcover | May 2020
in store $21.99
Taxi Ride with Victor
Sara Trofa
Hardcover | Sep 2019
not in store $21.50
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Space Infographics
Harriet Brundle
Paperback | Apr 2019
in store $12.99
The Magnificent Makers #1
Theanne Griffith
Paperback | May 2020
in store $7.99
The Night Country
Melissa Albert
Hardcover | Jan 2020
in store $25.99

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 The Convert By Stefan Hertmans
Reviewed by Barry Mutter


This is a story about an eleventh century noblewoman who as a young woman chose to leave her comfortable life and follow her heart. She chose love over status. She chose the life of a fugitive over the life of prestige. Her love for a man tore her from her God and her people. This is also a story about a twenty-first century author obsessed with the mystery of a medieval girl who converted from Christianity to Judaism and suffered the perils of that decision. Both characters, Medieval and Modern, paid a price for their obsession.

The book is brilliantly written. It moves back and forth in time and captures the reader with each move. The story is a love story and a tragedy. You cannot read this book without suffering an overwhelming emotional connection to a young mother on the run. Her courage, her resilience, her maternal instincts draw her, and the reader, further into a life fraught with danger and violence. This is a true story. Through diligent research, and a contemporary trip replicating the journey of the young Norman Jewess, Stefan Hertmans reimagines her life. This book will have an impact on you.

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