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Cindy's PicksSee more
Cindy is the General Manager of the store.  When asked about books that she would recommend she went to every section of the store, pulling books--the result is the list below.  (And she'll probably add more!)
Carolyn's PicksSee more
Carolyn leads Crux's customer service team at the front of the store. She is one of the philosophers on staff, focusing on continental philosophy and philosophy of religion. She also has a special love for children's lit and can often be heard emitting  squeals of delight when adorable picture books land at the store. 
Heather's PicksSee more
Heather lurks in the back of the store receiving stock and directing imaginary episodes of "Crux: the SitCom". The token Baptist on staff, she knows a fair bit about the history of biblical interpretation and a few other subjects. She enjoys reading a range of books by authors from Atwood to Zink-Sawyer. Among her book-related goals for the year is finally reading The Divine Comedy as translated by Dorothy L. Sayers.
Sheila's PicksSee more
Sheila is our resident classicist and expert in ancient Greek and Latin, as well as being our only Orthodox (that's with a capital O!) staff member. A voracious reader with a capacious library, sometimes it seems like Sheila has read just about everything.
Connor's PicksSee more
Connor has been at Crux for the duration of his undergrad (in philosophy), which he expects to complete this year. He knows more about Ancient Phil & Ethics than he does about other areas of philosophy. But, for the purpose of an exam, Connor can pretend to understand 'continental' phil. At Crux, Connor is part of the customer service team; he can be found reaching the higher shelves, and ducking under low-hanging pipes.