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Be a Tattletales Teacher


At Tattletales, educators are the backbone of our business. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of great books and our excellent customer service that helps to put the right books in your classroom and library. 

We are pleased to offer a 20% discount on most books (in stock and special orders) to educators upon presentation of their professional number.  Please speak to any staff member for more details.


Come to Tattletales to find the books you want for your classroom or library. Tattletales offers a special school discount on books.


You can search our site here to see what we have for you. Remember, even if we don’t have it in stock, we will usually be able to order it in at no extra cost! 


We have recently had many titles and items listed on the ARL (Authorized Reading List) at the Nova Scotia Book Bureau. Please contact us if you would like more details.


To locate Tattletales listed books:

1.Go to the Nova Scotia School Book Bureau Online Resource Search Page.

2.Go to supplier and select Tattletales. 

3.Click search and voila our listings.