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We Buy
Used books!

Bring them in between Monday and Friday, 11am to 5:00pm. We can offer $3 in store credit/book or $1.50 cash/book.
We DO NOT buy textbooks or magazines. If you have questions, give us a call.

We do not buy used books on holidays.
R F Kuang
Paperback | May 2023
5 in store $24.99
(more on order)
Standing in the Shadows
Peter Robinson
Hardcover | May 2023
1 in store $34.95
Fire Weather
John Vaillant
Hardcover | May 2023
7 in store $38.00
The Dawn of Everything
David Graeber
Paperback | May 2023
5 in store $29.95
Quietly Hostile
Samantha Irby
Paperback | May 2023
2 in store $23.00
(more on order)
When Women Were Dragons
Kelly Barnhill
Paperback | May 2023
7 in store $23.00
The Guest
Emma Cline
Hardcover | May 2023
3 in store $37.99
Angela Sterritt
Hardcover | May 2023
8 in store $34.95

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In the spirit of respect, reciprocity and truth, we honour and acknowledge Moh’kinsstis, and the traditional Treaty 7 territory and oral practices of the Blackfoot confederacy: Siksika, Kainai, Piikani, as well as the Îyâxe Nakoda and Tsuut’ina nations. We acknowledge that this territory is home to the Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 3 within the historical Northwest Métis homeland. Finally, we acknowledge all Nations – Indigenous and non – who live, work and play on this land, and who honour and celebrate this territory.

Local delivery within Calgary     OR                  Pickup in store
(Deliveries go out Tuesdays/Fridays)                                                                      (Prepay,  Pay at pickup, or curbside pickup) 
***Starting January 13th, Local delivery will cost $3
and require a minimum order $10***

Hot Titles Available for Pre-Order
Cordyceps Prep
The mushrooms are our firends -- or are they?
Whoop whoop!
Tiny Historians
If you know a hobbit that's into history, or a pipsqueak thats particularily obsessed with the past, then these books may be of interest.
Books with Lots to Say
These titles ask a lot of questions, answers optional. They are perfect choices for a book club, or someone that likes to talk to themselves a lot.
One sitting Reads
Short and sweet but no less interesting or enjoyable.
Debut Novels
Here are a collection of new authors, and their debut books for the new year.
New Merch!
You asked for it and it's finally here!
Books vs Movie/Tv
These are our picks for when book > movie or tv show. You might not agree, so please come fight us. 
For the Aspiring Back-Alley Surgeon
Have the current times give you a moment to pause and reflect on your own mortality (or your neighbors')? We have got a list of excellent texts to help you with you self-exploration. Literally.
Japanese Magical Realism
If you like fantasy in small doses and tempered with heavy angst, longing, and emotionless sex, boy do we have a treat for you, kind of?
Books about books about books about books about books about books about books about books about books about books about books about books about books about books about books about......
Spooky Scary Ghost Stories...
...send shivers down my spine.
Roastin'  Toastin' Reads
In case the hot weather has got you down, let this list be a reminder that you could be even sweatier.
Glacial Guide to Chilly Chapters
In case the hot hot heat has got you down, here are some titles to remind you of the good times, the cold times.
What's Cookin, Good Lookin?
Check out these fresh, flavourful and fiery cookbooks that are hot off the griddle.
Discover Your Hidden Artistic Prowess
Become the next Michaelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, or Donatello. (Not the turtles)
Cannibalism for Beginners
Beef not doing it for you any more? Wanting to see what this other white meat is about? Here is a list to help you brush up on the cultural context surrounding your new lifestyle choice.
True Crime
Unsavoury characters, dastardly deeds, and henous plots galore! Take a look at this lineup of suspicious titles, and see if anything from our new true crime section looks criminally intriguing.
Armchair Romance
Have a plentiful helping from our newly compiled Romance section. Whether your interests are cozy or carnal, we have books for all.
How to Raise a Kid Detective
Have you always wanted your own Veronica Mars or Nancy Drew? A Hardy Boy or Scooby Squad? Here are some books to help build a solid foundation for a super sleuth.
Spooky Season Spine-Chillers
Have a peak in our cabinet of curiosities, and see if anything grabs ahold of you (litterally or figuratively).
Trans and Gender Non-conforming Authors
Some of our favourites by gender diverse authors. Read outside the binary.
Indigenous Fantasy
From North America to Australia, and several places in between, we have assembled a collection of richly imaginative and refreshing takes on the genre as seen through an Indigenous lense.
Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Learn and explore lives and perspectives that have helped build and expand our continent and our culture. Celebrate AAPI contributions to literature with one of these reads.
Perplexing Mysteries
Here is a line-up of our most dastardly and devious suspects that will have you looking over your shoulder during the day and keeping you up at night. 
Francais Pour Adultes
Here are some books in french for older audiences. Including, but not limited to: nature, poetry, contemporary literature, and graphic novels (even spicy stuff!) Enjoy!
Francais Pour Les Enfants.
We have a selection of French books for kids of all ages. Check them out!
Chic Scott - Mount AssiniboineSee more
In his book, Mount Assiniboine — The Story, historian Chic Scott tells the story of 130 years of adventure, romance, hard work and dreams at Mount Assiniboine. 

Published by the Assiniboine Lodge.

Celebs! They're Better Than Us...At Writing.
Here's a colleciton of well written novels and memoirs to scratch that TMZ itch, and please that penchant for People's Magazine.
Live Your Best Forest Hermit Life
Has covid got you down? Been thinking about retreating into the wilderness to escape it all? Here is your definitive list of literature to make the transition from city slicker to experienced woodsman as smooth as possible.
So You're Into Birds Now
We have noticed a dramatic uptick in bird-related books coming in and out of the store. It is only natural to be envious of our feathered friends and their ability to flit about whithout a care in the world.  If you, too, have become an ornithological enthusiast whilst stuck inside your house, these books may interest you.
Live Your Past Life
Have you always wanted to reconnect to your past incarnations? Or maybe just gotten a tast of what life was like for your great-great-grand-pappy? Perhaps with a nice boost of fantasy or romance? Well here is Ye Olde Liste for you.
Holy Great Gatsby Batman!
Now that F. Scott Fitzgerald's pivotal book is in the public domain, our cups doth overflow with different editions of it. We have so many copies. Like SO. MANY. Pick your favourite below!
Appease Your Munchkins
If you and your tiny humans are going a little crazy cooped up at home, we have compiled a list of our favourite reads for ages one to eight.
Authors Who Are Your Neighbours
We have assembled a list of authors from around the province that we love that we think you should love too.