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Melancholy of Resistance
Laszlo Krasznahorkai
Paperback | Jul 2002
4 in store $19.95
Classics Reimagined, Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen
Hardcover | Oct 2015
1 in store $30.00
Stories in the Worst Way
Gary Lutz
Paperback | Mar 2009
2 in store $21.95
Neal Shusterman
Hardcover | Nov 2016
sold out $24.99
(on order)
Son of a Trickster
Eden Robinson
Hardcover | Feb 2017
2 in store $32.00
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Each and every one of us all know the struggle of buying books and not being able to read them as quickly as one may desire. We make small, curated towers of books throughout the house in the hopes that they will catch our eye and force us to sit down and give one of the sturdy (oftentimes beautiful) building blocks some undivided attention. Once you pick up a specific book, you are able to travel back in time and feel exactly how you felt on the day you purchased that particular book-- this is what happens to me, at least. Now, imagine you not only visit bookstores regularly, but are also fortunate (or cursed) to work in one. Thus, you have the reason for my addiction. This list I am providing you with is a culmination of books that have become part of the urban sprawl that is slowly growning into a city of words within my living room, bedroom, and even dining room.
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Lazy Fascist publishes authors who, through careful exploration of unique linguistic landscapes, create monstrous, unclassifiable fictions. We value explosive language over explosive weapons, but think it’s best when we can have our Bruce Willis with our Borges.

We’ve published everything from minimalist dark comedies to meta-fictional SF, along with historical fiction, fairy tales for adults, and hybrid plays. We seek out books that are emotionally hard-hitting, critically engaging, and exhibit crisp, original prose. These books tend to be difficult to pigeonhole under any one banner, but together they form a complex mosaic of the disenfranchised, the poor, and others who are struggling to survive — and make an impact — in an increasingly bleak world. However, we’re not all about doom and gloom. We like to laugh, demand the absurd, and love great storytelling above all else.