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A Season in Chezgh'un
Darrel J McLeod
Paperback | Oct 2023
3 in store $24.95
Once Upon an Effing Time
Buffy Cram
Paperback | Oct 2023
1 in store $24.95
Sadie X
Clara Dupuis-Morency
Paperback | Oct 2023
2 in store $23.00
The Untimely Resurrection of John Alexander MacNeil
Lesley Choyce
Paperback | Sep 2023
7 in store $24.00
Brent Butt
Paperback | Oct 2023
6 in store $26.00
The Adversary
Michael Crummey
Hardcover | Sep 2023
25 in store $35.00
And Then She Fell
Alicia Elliott
Hardcover | Sep 2023
13 in store $34.00
Jessica Westhead
Paperback | Sep 2023
2 in store $22.95
The Legend of Baraffo
Moez Surani
Paperback | Sep 2023
2 in store $23.00
Mall Goth
Kate Leth
Paperback | Sep 2023
12 in store $18.99
(more on order)
How to Be Alone
Heather Nolan
Paperback | Sep 2023
3 in store $19.95
Aley Waterman
Paperback | Sep 2023
5 in store $24.99
Kathryn Mockler
Paperback | Sep 2023
2 in store $23.00
Elizabeth Ruth
Paperback | Sep 2023
2 in store $24.95
The Circle
katherena vermette
Hardcover | Sep 2023
9 in store $32.00
Lost & Found in Lunenburg
Jane Doucet
Paperback | Sep 2023
6 in store $22.95
Mona Awad
Hardcover | Sep 2023
17 in store $34.00

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