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February 2012 List
The Book of Marvels
Lorna Crozier
Hardcover | Aug 2012
in store $19.95

Small Mechanics
Lorna Crozier
Paperback | Mar 2011
in store $18.99

James Loney
Paperback | Apr 2012
in store $21.00

Falling Upward
Richard Rohr
Hardcover | Apr 2011
in store $23.95

The Power Of Parable
John Dominic Crossan
Paperback | Jan 2013
in store $18.50

Speaking Christian
Marcus J Borg
Paperback | Mar 2013
in store $16.99

Naramata Chronicles
Craig O Henderson
Paperback | Jan 2011
in store $20.00

The Fourth Gospel
John S Spong
Hardcover | Jun 2013
in store $29.99

Margaret J Wheatley
Paperback | Sep 2010
in store $18.95

I Shall Not Hate
Izzeldin Abuelaish
Paperback | Mar 2011
in store $21.00

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
Rachel Joyce
Paperback | Jun 2013
in store $19.95

Going Beyond Words
Lois Huey-Heck
Paperback | Oct 2010
in store $24.95

Nicola I Campbell
Hardcover | Sep 2005
in store $18.95

If You Hold a Seed
Elly MacKay
Hardcover | Feb 2013
in store $19.95

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The Mustard Seed is Naramata Centre of The United Church of Canada's unique bookstore. We specialize in books which support spiritual development, creative expression, personal development, leadership and change, resources for healing, congregation and worship resources, children's literature, peace and justice, and special resources for most Naramata Centre programs. We also have a variety of music books and CD's, journals, greeting cards and much more!

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Learning To Walk In The Dark
Barbara Brown Taylor
Hardcover | Mar 2014
in store $31.00

Evolution Of The Word
Marcus J Borg
Paperback | Aug 2013
in store $22.99

Christianity After Religion
Diana Butler Bass
Paperback | Feb 2013
in store $18.50

A Thousand Mornings
Mary Oliver
Paperback | Sep 2013
in store $17.00

Active Hope
Joanna Macy
Paperback | Mar 2012
in store $16.95

Aging as a Spiritual Practice
Lewis Richmond
Paperback | Jan 2013
in store $19.00

Four Elements
John O'Donohue
Hardcover | Oct 2011
in store $27.00

Naramata Impressions and other memories
Patricia Evans
Paperback | Dec -0001
in store $19.95

Manual Control
Patricia Evans
in store $29.95

In Love with the Mystery
Ann & Horn P & Milne C Mortifee
Hardcover | Sep 2010
sold out $28.95
(on order)

The Inconvenient Indian
Thomas King
Paperback | Aug 2013
in store $19.95

The Gifts of Imperfection
Brene Brown
Paperback | Aug 2010
in store $17.50

Journey of the Universe
Brian Thomas Swimme
Hardcover | Jun 2011
in store $27.50

Living Life as a Thank You
Nina Lesowitz
Paperback | Oct 2009
in store $19.95

Robert Sardello
Paperback | Nov 2008
in store $16.95

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