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Make Me
Lee Child
Paperback | Mar 2016
on order $12.99
(releases Mar 29 2016)
The Bone Tree
Greg Iles
Paperback | Feb 2016
on order $12.50
(releases Feb 23 2016)
Finders Keepers
Stephen King
Paperback | Mar 2016
on order $12.99
(releases Mar 22 2016)
Memory Man
David Baldacci
Paperback | Feb 2016
on order $11.99
(releases Feb 23 2016)
Extreme Prey
John Sandford
Hardcover | Apr 2016
on order $38.00
(releases Apr 26 2016)
The Steel Kiss
Jeffery Deaver
Hardcover | Mar 2016
on order $34.00
(releases Mar 8 2016)
The English Spy
Daniel Silva
Paperback | Mar 2016
on order $11.99
(releases Mar 29 2016)
Wilbur Smith
Paperback | Mar 2016
on order $24.99
(releases Mar 22 2016)
Cellar, The
Minette Walters
Hardcover | Feb 2016
on order $21.99
(releases Feb 23 2016)
Leaving Berlin
Joseph Kanon
Paperback | Mar 2016
on order $21.00
(releases Mar 1 2016)

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February 2016 eMOM -- Preliminary

Something a little different. These are the titles that will appear in the February 2016 e-MOM. Now, don't panic. The February e-MOM will be available in both the "Read" and "Print" pdf formats; you'll find them under the "Newsletters (eMOM)" tab above in about a week. Until then, have a look at the list in this format. Click on each title for more information. Ordering a title electronically will be much easier: just log in (create an account first, if necessary, see top right corner), see a title you want, "Add to cart," repeat. Once you're finished adding titles, go to "Checkout Now" and send us the order. We'll look it over, make any changes/corrections/suggestions that might be appropriate and get back to you, before we firm up the order. It is going to be impossible to keep the prices correct, especially with the slumping loonie, so expect some "corrections." Dead simple. He says optimistically. 

Welcome to Sleuth of Baker Street Online. Use this site to track down titles. Search not only our inventory but also the millions of titles in print. Searching by author or title will usually generate good results. A keyword search can be useful to home in on the particular title. Fill up your shopping basket--to the brim, please--then "Checkout Now", which really just e-mails your selection of titles to us. We'll confirm availability and prices and then you'll have an opportunity to firm up the order. Finally, we can ship or hold the books at the store as you indicate.

Prices and delivery times for all items are subject to change. Assume that prices and delivery times for "out of stock" titles are ESTIMATES only. Talk to us, send us your list of wants, let us confirm and then you can decide. Play around, have fun with the site, order lots, but most importantly, tell us what works or does not work.

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