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Specials in effect from February 13 - 20, 2017 while supplies last.
In Search of Paul
John Dominic Crossan
Paperback | Nov 2005
in store (bargain) $10.00
in store (regular) $18.99
Reading Romans
Luke Timothy Johnson
Paperback | Mar 2008
in store $30.00
Making Sense of Saints
Patricia Kasten
Paperback | Apr 2014
in store $10.00
A Call to Action
Jimmy Carter
Paperback | Mar 2015
in store (bargain) $9.00
The Dance of Person and Place
Thomas M Norton-Smith
Paperback | Apr 2010
in store $25.00
Splendor of Truth
Pope John Paul II
Paperback | Jan 1993
in store $8.00
Church + Home
Mark Holmen
Hardcover | Sep 2010
in store (bargain) $8.00
Till We Have Faces
C S Lewis
Paperback | Jun 1980
in store $12.00
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Wycliffe College Preaching DaySee more
Christianity Today named The Crucifixion by Fleming Rutledge as its 2017 Book of the Year, describing it as "the release that best embodies our pursuit of Beautiful Orthodoxy."

Join Fleming Rutledge on February 27, 2017 for Preaching Day at Wycliffe College.

Preaching Day will include a plenary session and three workshops with other speakers. More details to come at

To register, please visit

Please note:  Crux Books will open at 9a for this event.

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These are books that the Crux Books staff have chosen for themselves to read during Lent.
What will you be reading?
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