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Autumn Flyer - September 2014
Exceptional prices on some of the best new Christian books available! Check out these amazing deals!
Angels in the Fire
Dann Stadler
Paperback | Jul 2013
9 in store $8.99

The Beautiful Wife
Sandy Ralya
Paperback | Mar 2012
5 in store $7.99

The Beautiful Wife Prayer Journal
Sandy Ralya
Paperback | Feb 2012
6 in store $4.99

Beginner's Bible Super-Duper, Mighty, Jumbo Activity Book
Paperback | Aug 2012
1 in store $3.49

Beginners Bible Super Duper Mighty Jumbo Coloring Book
Paperback | Aug 2012
2 in store $3.49

Circle Maker
Mark Batterson
Paperback | Jan 2013
8 in store $8.99

Circle Maker, Student Edition
Mark Batterson
Paperback | Dec 2012
5 in store $7.99

Claudia, Wife of Pontius Pilate
Diana Wallis Taylor
Paperback | Jun 2013
7 in store $8.99

Completely His
Shannon Ethridge
Paperback | Jul 2008
6 in store $7.99

Crazy Good Sex
Les Parrott
Paperback | Aug 2011
8 in store $8.99

8 in store $2.49

Deadly Ties
Vicki Hinze
Paperback | Feb 2011
5 in store $7.99

Draw The Circle
Mark Batterson
Paperback | Dec 2012
9 in store $7.99

Falls Like Lightening
Shawn Grady
Jan 2011
2 in store $8.99

For Such a Time as This
Wayne Warner
Paperback | Feb 2005
2 in store $9.99

Forget Me Not
Vicki Hinze
Paperback | Mar 2010
sold out $16.49
(3 on order)

Gods At War
Kyle Idleman
Paperback | Feb 2013
7 in store $8.99

Heart Divided
Kathleen Morgan
May 2011
4 in store $8.99

A Hidden Truth
Judith Miller
Paperback | Sep 2012
1 in store $8.99

How To Read The Bible For All Its Worth 3rd Ed
Paperback | Oct 2003
10 in store $9.99

Jesus Storybook Bible
Sally Lloyd-Jones
Hardcover | Feb 2007
7 in store $12.99

Jonah Goes Overboard
Tracy Harrast
Hardcover | Jun 2001
6 in store $2.49

Joni Ken
Ken Tada
Hardcover | Apr 2013
11 in store $11.99

9 in store $2.49

The Judgment
Beverly Lewis
Paperback | Apr 2011
8 in store $8.99

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Duck Commander Duck Calls
Shadow Duck Call
Duck Commander
1 in store $29.99

Ole Raspy Duck Call
Duck Commander
7 in store $26.99

Uncle Si Duck Call
Duck Commander
3 in store $34.99

Teal Hen Duck Call
Duck Commander
1 in store $24.99

Gadwall Drake Call
Duck Commander
1 in store $27.99

Duck Picker (Orange) Duck Call
Duck Commander
1 in store $39.99

Miss Priss Duck Call (Pink)
Duck Commander
4 in store $39.99

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