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Spark Joy
Marie Kondo
Hardcover | Jan 2016
on order $24.99
(releases Jan 5 2016)
The Chessmen
Peter May
Paperback | Jan 2016
on order $14.99
(releases Jan 5 2016)
The Princeling of Nanjing
Ian Hamilton
Paperback | Jan 2016
on order $19.95
(releases Jan 12 2016)
The Brain's Way of Healing
Norman Doidge
Paperback | Jan 2016
on order $24.00
(releases Jan 26 2016)

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Sustainability Discussion CircleSee more

November 18th, 6:00PM AT THE BOOKSTORE


The Sustainability Discussion Circle is a FREE monthly discussion event curated by Sustainble Calgary. It is held the 3rd Wednesday of every month.


About the Sustainbility Discussion Circle:

Please join us for a free and lively discussion of important issues facing us today. The goal of the Sustainability Discussion Circle is to share books and host discussions that help us understand the world and our place in it in a different way.  This can change the way we experience the world and the way we act in our day-to-day lives, opening new possibilities for environmental sustainability, social justice and peace.


Feel free to join us and drop in. It is the issues and themes that spark the discussion. 


Everyone is welcome to join in for one session or all of them. It is your opinion on the issues that builds an interesting discussion.

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Kevin Van Tighem Instore EventSee more

December 5th, 2:00pm AT THE BOOKSTORE


Kevin Van Tighem presents his new book "Heart Waters"


About the Book:

Water does not come from the river. It comes to the river. Heart Waters takes us to the sources of that water – and into the living beauty, human stories and future possibilities that also arise from the green uplands and valleys of Alberta’s Eastern Slopes, where the mighty Bow River is born. For more than a century the foothills and Front Range mountains of western Alberta have been recognized as being vital to the water supply for western Canada. Virtually all the water that sustains communities, ecosystems and the economy of prairie Canada comes from this narrow strip of land arrayed along the Continental Divide. For all its importance, however, water management decisions affecting this enormous region have ignored the significance of land health and focused almost exclusively on building dams. The result, as the author points out, is that the Bow River’s annual flows have decreased by more than a tenth, even as spring floods become more frequent and more destructive. The solutions to prairie Canada’s water challenges lie in healing the wounded landscapes of our headwaters. Heart Waters delves deeply into the history and ecology of a landscape whose critical value as a watershed is matched by its sheer beauty and diversity. A rich array of stunning images by Jasper-based photographer Brian Van Tighem complements the author’s well-researched explorations of the stories whispered by the living waters that drain from Banff National Park, Kananaskis Country and the famous ranchlands of the Bow River watershed. Kevin Van Tighem’s latest book is a deep exploration of place and an invitation to recognize that our water future depends upon knowing our headwaters better and caring for them more passionately — as our heart waters.


About Kevin:

Kevin Van Tighem has written more than 200 articles, stories and essays on conservation and wildlife which have garnered him many awards, including Western Magazine Awards, Outdoor Writers of Canada book and magazine awards and the Journey Award for Fiction. He is the author of Bears: Without Fear (RMB 2013) and The Homeward Wolf (RMB 2013).Brian Van Tighem was born on the edge of the Canadian Rockies. His freelance career has seen wide range of photographic experience, from adventure photography, landscape, architectural interiors and travel and tourism.

Monthly Flywheel Poetry Series

December 10th, 7:30PM AT THE BOOKSTORE


Flywheel Reading Series is a FREE monthly reading event curated by filling Station Magazine. It is held the 2nd Thursday of the month.


About Flywheel:

Flywheel has been running since 2003. It's a diverse series that welcomes the participation of writers of all kinds of literature; however, like filling Station Magazine, we are especially interesting in innovative and original work. After the reading, why not join us for a drink at Sam's down the street?


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